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Value added tax registration is tax registration much needed for any business trading and manufacturing goods in India. VAT registration has replaced sales tax and is in sync with CST registration and TIN registration. We have multi-stage tax with provision to let input credit on various taxes at an earlier stage. We at MJS Consulting, provide single window for VAT solutions as MJS Accounting offer a remarkable regional partner’s network and comprehensive assistance for any kind of compliance with state laws or regulations. We are known to deliver a wide range of solutions beginning from VAT registrations from all states and return filing assessment.

Here is what we provide when it comes to VAT related service provided by the MJS Accounting:-
  • VAT registrations at one single point for all states
  • Form issuing that is much needed under VAT rules and regulations for all states
  • Filing of IT returns of all VAT law in India
  • Representation in assessing appealing for cases
  • Consultation to obtain faster procedures for all VAT compliances all throughout India

VAT registrations are quite important and mandatory in all states for most traders in order to check the rates of VAT that is applicable for all the goods that are sold in the state. We also help you file CIS returns and do CIS calculations and help you comply with relevant regulations. VAT is important for all traders and manufacturers in all states with a turnover over 5 lakhs per annum or even up to 10 lakhs in some of the states. Thus it is important that we are aware of the VAT rules and regulations of a particular state and get the registration if need be.